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Baby Cotbeds

Baby Cot beds for newborns to toddlers

Cot beds are a long-term investment, lasting your child for the first few years of their life. Some cot beds are made to keep your little one safe and cosy for up to nine years of age.

As with all things baby related, think about the practicalities of your cot bed before buying. Checking out your options on eBay will reveal a big selection of baby cots for almost any taste and preference.

Adjustable height beds

Perfect for transitioning through your childs different stages of development, adjustable height beds allow you to flexibility change your nursery furniture as you go. When tiny, you can keep the bed at the highest level, giving you quick and easy access during those inevitable wake ups. As they get more mobile, you can slot the base onto lower settings, to keep them securely contained.

Big brands like Stokke and Love N Care have furniture models like this, with designs ranging from cosy oval shaped beds, to longer, toddler beds, and stylish white cots. Many designs include removable sides too, for older toddlers and children.

Sleigh cot beds

When it comes to functionality, theres not much difference between your average cot bed and a sleigh cot. Ultimately, these types of beds are popular with parents, because they look elegant. With smooth, sweeping lines, the design of these cot beds resembles a sleigh. Aside from that, the length, and varying features are comparable. Brands like Boori, Arms Reach and Love N Care are among those with versions of sleigh cot beds. Some also have drawers at the base for handy nursery storage.

Drop side cot beds

Youll usually see options for either fixed or drop side cot beds. With quick release levels, you can access your baby more easily with a drop side. But, there have been concerns over their safety due to instances of faulty mechanisms. So, always check the safety credentials of a drop side bed before you buy.