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The musical instrument used by professionals, famous musicians, and ordinary people fits the hands of children and adults. Beginners can learn how to play chords and create music in a short period of time starting out on a ukulele with four strings. Some have as many as eight strings and come in a variety of materials and body types to suit the needs of novice and veteran players.

Folk World String Instruments

Buyers can choose additional folk world string instruments, such as banjos, harps, lutes, and other instruments. Depending on the stringed instrument, there are versions for left and right-handed individuals. Everyone can select a preferred brand, such as Dunlop, Mahalo, or DAddario, for any type of instrument.

Body Materials

Each instrument is unique, and manufacturers use a variety of materials to produce them. Narrow down your choices by looking at the selections available for mahogany body ukuleles.The wood, known for its strength and beauty, has a reddish brown sheen. Spruce body ukuleles are equally attractive. In fact, manufacturers commonly use the wood to make the soundboard as it produces better sounds with age. Other popular choices include maple, rosewood, and basswood.


Most players start with a soprano ukulele because of its smaller size, which is suited for childrens hands. A concert model is a little larger than the soprano uke and provides a deeper sound. People with larger hands enjoy playing tenor and baritone ukuleles because of the instruments larger bodies and lengths. A bigger ukulele is capable of producing resonating and richer sounds thanks to its longer scale and overall length.

Skill Levels

Whether youve never played or have a hefty repertoire of music under your belt, there are options available based on your proficiency. Find the instrument meant for you by filtering your choices by skill level, such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced player.

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