Baby food to suit any mealtime

Babies rely on us for all their needs, and in particular for their food. Helping your baby grow and develop into a toddler requires some essential feeding products, from baby bottles, cups and bibs to nutritious weaning and finger food ideal for toddlers. Look to get all the essentials you need to help transition your baby from milk to solids with a range of weaning products to suit you and make feeding and mealtimes a happy experience for all the family.

Food varieties

From handy, delicious pouches to delicious cereals, and from convenient, healthy snacks to full meals with fruit desserts, you can find a huge range of textures and nutrients for every stage of the weaning process. There are lots of healthy, baby foods to pick from, and some of the best are vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables as well as meats and beans with lots of protein. Full of essential nutrients foods like sweet potato, mango, zucchini, mince and apricots are easy to prepare and delicious for your baby or little one to eat. You can find enticing food recipes as well to vary the flavours that your baby or toddler eats, and introduce a wide variety of flavours to their diet.

Once your baby is getting better at eating pureed, mild tastes and accepting them, it is ideal to add more texture to the mix by introducing them to a thicker, more mashed up consistency to help them learn to chew.

Feeding accessories

Of course babies love to use their fingers, but in time they will start to take food off a spoon and from a small, plastic bowl. At this time, bibs are essential to keep clothes clean. Introducing cups and beakers will help your toddler with coordination, and grant them independence in choosing when to drink. Soft plastic spouts are ideal to transition from a bottle before moving to a basic lid with a spout.