Baby Formula for newborns to toddlers

If you've chosen to bottle feed, you might be stumped by all the different types on the market. Ultimately, you'll find products arranged by age group, but you can also target special dietary requirements.

Generally, it's wise to keep on with your chosen baby formula through babyhood if your little one gets along well with it. So, once you find an infant formula your baby thrives from, you'll be all set until the toddler stage.

First milk

Many formulas are designed to be used from birth to 12 months, although you can get some special baby formulas suitable for a smaller age range within that first year. You'll spot well-known brands like Aptamil, Holle, Nestle, and Karicare. Most are made with cow's milk, and they're designed to be easily digestible for little, growing tummies.

Goat's milk is another alternative. But as with any first milk, check the age on the tin. The less you swap brands and products, the easier feeding will be in the first year.

Special dietary requirements

It can be a more delicate balance to find the perfect formula for some infants. You may discover through trial and error that they are lactose intolerant for instance, or that they suffer from acid reflux. Perhaps you'll be keen to avoid products derived from animals for your personal reasons.

Soy milk formulas are one option, as well as comfort and hypoallergenic products with broken down proteins to ease sensitive digestive systems. There are thicker, anti-reflux infant formulas too. Other options include bedtime and hungrier baby variations, designed to keep them fuller for longer.

Toddler milk

From the age of one, you can move onto whole cow's milk if you like. But, if you'd prefer to stick with formula, growing up or follow on milk is another way forward. These toddler formulas generally have added vitamins. It's worth swotting up on follow-on milks, weaning and vitamins for toddlers before moving on from first formula milk, so you can make an informed choice.