Go with a classic and pick up a Casio Baby G watch from eBay

Casio has combined street style with functionality wth their classic Baby G watches for women. Similar to their older brother G-SHOCK watches, Baby G is strong, bold, and designed especially for women on the move, whether catching a wave, catching a fly ball, or catching a train to run errands in the city.

Baby-G is a leader in tough watches for women, born from the desire to create a watch that never breaks and can endure a 10-metre free-fall, resist 10-bar underwater, and a battery life of at least 10 years.


Casio was originally a calculator company until entering the game in 1974, when the watch industry had only just discovered the use of digital technology. Then in 1983, Casio launched their now infamous shock-resistant G Shock watch which became widely popular in the early 1990s. These watches shattered the notion that they were fragile jewellery to be handled with care, eventually becoming well-known as the world's toughest watch. Then in 1994, Casio created the first Baby-G with a smaller-sized case and colours that pop, while retaining the tough shock-resistance of G-SHOCK.


Features of shock and water-resistant Baby G watches include multiple daily alarms, stopwatch and even tide graph functions.


Baby G watches have thin design cases with a real nostalgic retro 90s look and are available in a range of colours, from gloss black to aqua to chic rose gold, great for any casual outfit. Layering your Baby G with jewellery like an understated bracelet is so on trend right now, for an effortless, beachy-summer look.

Baby G watches are sophisticated and durable, incorporating the structural integrity of G-SHOCK for women who want a timepiece they can take from the beach to the after-party. Shop on eBay today for new releases and colours of Baby G.