Baby Gifts

There are many choices when it comes to selecting the perfect baby gift for a new baby or for a mum-to-be. There are keepsakes such as memory and picture books, or you can opt for jewellery or engraved baby items (such as a silver spoon). There are also Christening gifts to consider. With so many choices, it’s simple to find one for an expecting mum, even if it’s just bath or feeding supplies––new mums need just about everything for baby’s first year.

Memory Books and Keepsakes

Baby keepsakes and memory books are some of the most popular choices when it comes to new baby gifts. Look for books where mum and dad can record baby’s milestones (such as height and weight) or photo books where parents can compile monthly pictures. Other keepsake books have spots for baby’s hospital bands, first locks of hair and other physical keepsake memories.

Baby Jewellery

Baby jewellery is another popular choice for a newborn. Some babies, as they teethe, use amber necklaces and bracelets as teething rings. You can also opt for fine jewellery, such as engraved gold or silver. Obviously, you want to size these keepsakes so that baby can wear them when she’s a little older.

Christening Gifts

In addition to baby shower gifts, you may also be in search of Christening gifts for a new baby. Look for picture frames to hold baby’s baptismal certificate, or plush toys to commemorate the event. Engraved spoons, forks, cups and feeding sets are also popular given as Christening gifts. Not always constructed of metal, you can also find feeding sets with familiar character designs, such as Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit.

Other Needs

Keepsakes and jewellery are beautiful gifts, but new mums can always use baby supplies as well, and they’re always much appreciated. Consider giving a bath set as a gift, or a personalised towel or washcloth for baby’s first bath. You can also choose from feeding supplies, such as bottles or cups. New mums can also use items such as nappies and wipes, burp cloths, newborn clothes, baby blankets and sheets and much more. To add an extra touch, you can always have most items personalised or engraved.