Baby Hair Accessories

Fashionable Baby Hair Accessories

What could make a baby even more adorable? Hair accessories, of course. There is just something about a tiny baby wearing baby hair accessories. For a baby without any hair, a hair bow headband stands out and screams "look at me." With hair, they can still look just as fabulous as the bald ones with an outfit-matching hair bow. An advantage to your infant having hair is that you can choose to use a clip instead of a headband, and you can place it directly in the hair to keep it in place.


Baby headbands are ideal for babies with lots of or very little hair. The band fits snugly around the babys head to keep it secure for a long period of time. From day one, a headband is ideal for everyday wear, whether staying at home or spending the day out and about.

Tie a Bow

When it comes to baby accessories, oversized is the best. In addition to the high popularity of large bows, an outfit matching design is a must. It isnt uncommon for a newborn to start out with enough hair accessories to wear a different one every day for a month.

Stick a Flower on it

If bows arent your style and therefore not your childs style, how about a headband or clip with a large, colourful flower on top? Handmade baby hair accessories can be designed to your liking in the colours you need to match any and every outfit.

Hats for any Occassion

For a sunny outing or a cold day, considering a hat. Its not just about keeping the sun off your little ones head when it comes to wearing baby hats. Although it does offer protection from the weather, it is also a great way to make a fashion statement. From fun, festive animal-shaped beanies to elegant fedora hats; you cannot go wrong when you put one on a baby.