Baby Health & Grooming Supplies

Baby Health and Grooming Supplies

Babies are happier when their skin feels good, which also promotes better sleep and overall health. Essential baby items, such as aspirators help them breathe, provide comfort when teething and reduce discomfort from cold symptoms and unexpected boo boos. Youll find baby nail kits, skincare products and other baby grooming supplies to help your little one thrive.

Bathing Supplies

Bathing is a fun time to splash around while getting clean from top to bottom. Bathing accessories include play toys, such as floating rubber ducks, and shower hats to keep soap out of eyes. A home bath seat or a baby bath tub helps prevent bathing injuries and provide peace of mind. Likewise, a bath organiser net stores toys when not in use and is always within easy reach. Other accessories that make taking a bath enjoyable include spray toys and decals that stick to the tub.

Baby Skincare Products

Baby skincare products like rash cream keep bottoms comfortable between nappy changes. Healing ointments protect the skin from excessive moisture and help heal breakouts from skin irritations. Additionally, an all-over moisturising cream replenishes and repairs dry skin. Baby shampoos are formulated to prevent soap from stinging the eyes and gentle on your babys delicate scalp. You can purchase baby care kits for bathing that include nappy ointment, nourishing lotion and other products, free from harmful chemicals and hypoallergenic.

Baby Towels and Washcloths

You use baby towels and washcloths throughout the day to wipe off chins and clean up messes. Hooded towels are convenient accessories to wrap your baby in warmth after a bath. Designs include panda bears, ducks and other cute styles that make children look even more adorable. In addition, youll find baby face cloths made from flannel, 100 per cent bamboo or other soft materials. You can even personalise baby towels by adding your childs name on the front.