Baby Jewellery

Let your little one shine with baby jewellery

If you want to get a special baby keepsake that'll last forever, jewellery is just the thing. Whether it's for your very own little bundle of joy, or someone you love, jewellery is one of the most special items you can gift. There are a plenty of different options on eBay, depending on your budget or type of jewellery. You might want a classy memento, or you may want to get something practical to help them explore the world, new shapes and textures.

Christening gifts

A baby's christening is a big milestone for many parents. As a parent or a guest, you'll want to get something original to mark the occasion. Jewellery is a firm favourite when it comes to christening presents, and there's a good reason. Not only are they elegant and thoughtful, they're also timeless. You can find specially prepared gift boxes containing boy or girl themed trinkets. Or, size adjustable charm bracelets, silver and gold bracelets, those with cross charms, or strings of freshwater pearls. For something a little different, check out jewel-encrusted brooches and necklaces.

Sensory jewellery

If you're looking for ways to ease teething pains or give your little one new shapes and textures to explore, read up on sensory jewellery. It's worth being clued up before you make these kinds of purchases, because anything that goes near your baby's mouth must be safe. Options include silicone teardrop necklaces worn by mum, and silicone chewies. There are also natural wood beads, manufactured completely chemical free. You can also fin little box sets with items like large wooden teething rings, along with other interesting textures for your baby, like crinkly fabrics and blankets.

Personalised Jewellery

If you want something truly unique, handcrafted personalised jewellery is the best option. There are bracelets, necklaces and bangles, in gold, silver, or precious stones. Selecting the right colour and design is the top consideration here because you can go all out and really choose something ultra-personal. The final touch is to engrave a name or message somewhere on the piece, making it a forever keepsake.