Buying a Pram

Choosing a pram from the staggering range of options on the market can seem like an incredibly daunting task. What type of pram is best? What kind of features will come in useful? Which safety features should come as standard? With so many prams and strollers available, choosing the right one can seem almost impossible.

For anyone struggling with the task, there is help at hand. First up, seek advice from those in the know. Speak to other parents to find out what they like about their pram - and what they may have done differently, given the chance to choose again. It can also help to look at reviews online. Check for professional reviews from companies that offer independent testing, and for reviews from other parents.

Listen to what others have to say, and apply it to the situation at home. Think about features that may come in handy, and what kind of functionality the pram will need. Some parents love their capsule pram, that allows them to transfer their baby from the car to the pram without taking him out of the capsule. Other parents love getting active, so they love their jogger pram.

Buying a Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger have a range of jogger prams, perfect for parents who want to get out and about with their baby. The Baby Jogger City Mini is often a popular choice, as it is designed with urban mobility in mind. Lightweight, compact and nimble, the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller features a sleek and practical design that is perfectly mobile and easy to navigate.

Check out eBay's amazing range of new and usedprams, strollers and accessoriesto find the best pram from the huge selection on offer. From Baby Jogger prams and strollers to iCandy prams and strollers, the perfect pram is just a few clicks away!