Baby Keepsakes and Memory Books

The life of any child is precious and many parents want to remember their children’s baby years by having photo albums or memory books to mark special milestones and favourites of their baby. There are a variety of memory books to choose from depending upon how lengthy and detailed you want it to be. Many of these books allow for a special place to put your baby’s birth certificate so you always have it to remember their special time in the hospital as a newborn. Other favourite baby keepsakes include baby blocks that are engravable to denote the day, time, weight and length of your newborn including their name. Additionally keepsakes include rattles, picture frames, keepsake boxes and piggy banks, all of which you can personalize to celebrate your baby.

Baby Milestone Cards

Baby milestone cards are a fun way to mark each month of your baby’s first year. You can find these cards in almost any style, suitable for both boys and girls. Many people choose to take their baby’s picture alongside these cards to use as keepsakes as well. In addition to cards, there are milestone stickers that are a great option for squirmy babies. These stickers can stick onto any article of clothing. Another milestone marking option is personalized chalk boards that you can update each month for your baby. Some of the items that can be included on the board are height, weight, favourite foods, favourite play things, and favourite book.

Baby Casting Kit

Another fun way to commemorate your new baby and their first year is through a casting of their footprints or handprints. Baby casting kits come with all the necessary tools needed to make a casting of your baby. The items that are included in these kits are the casting mix, tray, mixer and instructions. Many of these kits come as ornaments to give as gifts for grandparents or family members. These casting kits allow you to also engrave the baby’s name and year on them as well. They make for a great addition to the many keepsakes you will have for your baby.