Baby Milestone Cards

Whether you're simply taking a photograph to share on social media or you're making out cards for keepsakes, baby milestone cards are a fun way to celebrate not only your baby's age but their milestones. With adorable and joyful choices, you can use baby 'first' cards to send in the mail, as a collage for picture taking or to paste in a scrapbook for safekeeping. There are many customisable choices for you to pick from, to find something that fits both your style and your baby's gender.

What Milestones Are Celebrated?

There are numerous milestones and 'firsts' that you can pick from. Remember, you're taking snapshots and moments from baby's first year (and beyond), so there are various choices for presentation and customisation.

  • Baby age cards: These are simple cards that announce your baby's age by month (or year). Look for baby month cards that say 1 month, 2 months and so on. You can also choose to go by year.
  • Met milestones: These cards focus more on when baby met their first milestones. For example, you'll find ones that say, 'I rolled over today,' or 'today I smiled.' Other common milestones are sitting up, talking, walking, cooing and more.
  • Related announcements: Look for cards to do a gender reveal or announce your first child, or 'big sister' or 'big brother' cards when you're expecting another.

Should I Opt for Customised or DIY?

There are several reasons to opt for either customised or do-it-yourself cards. When it comes to customisation:

  • Sets: Often, you can choose a pre-printed set, full with milestones for you to consider.
  • Photogenic and personable: Cards customised to your preferences will be great for photo opportunities, with clear, precise colours and font.

DIY cards:

  • Props: You can use props and other ideas to come up with adorable photo shoots for your child as they grow month to month.
  • Creativity: Use your own style to make cards that will be keepsakes to be enjoyed for many years to come.

What Are the Colour and Font Choices?

Especially if you're opting for customised cards or a set, there are numerous colour and font choices. When it comes to colour:

  • Pink is a great option for a little girl.
  • Blue is the traditional option for a little boy.
  • Gender-neutral colours also work well, such as green or yellow.
  • Black and white, or black, white and red are actually made for baby's growing eyes, and are good colour choices for photo opportunities.

For font:

  • Choose large, legible font that's easy to read.
  • Opt for none, and have cards where you fill in choices with your own handwriting.