Baby Ornaments

Decorate your nursery in style with cute baby ornaments

Decorating your babys nursery is one way to get excited about your new arrival. You may have a good idea about the main pieces of furniture long before you get started, but its those little decorations and trinkets that will add something special to the final look of the room. Baby ornaments are also popular around Christmas. First Christmass are special for anyone with a newborn, so Christmas ornaments make great gift idea for friends and family too. They dont have to cost the earth, and they can feel really special and unique.


Decorating surfaces, walls or doors are all ways to spruce up your nursery. Or, you may be looking to get ready for that 1st Christmas together. Coming in unisex, girls and baby boys ornaments on eBay range from the seriously cute, to the totally wacky, so you can find something thats right up your street in no time. Funky, dress-up table decorations in goth or rockabilly designs are one original option. You can also find gorgeous little Beatrix Potter ornaments, star-shaped wall hangings, mini-carousels, and music boxes. As your babys first Christmas ornament, there are cute, festive designs.

Photo frames

Displaying a couple of photos around your babys nursery will make it feel like your own. Its great for your little one as they grow old enough to recognise people in pictures, and itll give you a homely sensation as you spend hours in there at the beginning with your newborn, nursing and caring for them. Lovely baby photo frames are ideal for pictures of your child, or more elegant versions can hold photos of you, dad and baby.

Money boxes

Every penny really does count when you have children. One way of frugal is to save up that loose change, and pop it somewhere safe. When that rainy-day strikes, you might find a nice little fund to help you buy something for your baby. Sweet little nursery themed money boxes include ceramic baby keepsakes, little tins, and wooden, decorative boxes. And itll be a charming baby ornament on your nursery shelves.