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Ensure baby sleeps safe and sound with a cot pillow

Using a conventional pillow for a baby under the age of 2 years in a cot is not recommended – it can in extreme cases lead to suffocation or SIDS as the baby is not able to regulate movement sufficiently to prevent the pillow from covering the face. However, with a great range of specially designed baby cot pillows now available, your baby can have that extra bit of comfort without compromising on safety.

Preventing flat head syndrome

Cot pillows can be used to support your baby's head and neck, preventing flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly), which is a flat spot on the back or on one side of the head caused by remaining in a prone position for extended periods. A sleep positioner baby pillow can be used from newborn, is often made from memory foam and helps to keep baby in the optimum position for correct alignment and reduced pressure. The pillow is small and moulded to baby's head shape and can be used safely in cots, bassinets, prams and strollers.

Anti-roll cot pillow

An anti-roll pillow may be slightly wedge shaped, which helps to prevent congestion and reduce reflux, as well as having curved bumpers that support baby's sides and prevent rolling during sleep. These pillows are designed to support your baby in a back-sleeping position, keeping him or her warm and comfortable and reducing the risk of rolling too soon. They are not recommended for babies under 6lb in weight and must be removed as soon as baby starts moving naturally during sleep.

Cot pillow material

The safest and most naturally breathable material for your baby's cot pillow cover is cotton. So much so that we've divided your choices into just 3 sub-categories – 100% cotton, organic cotton and cotton blend. Safe fillings include memory foam, latex, and polyester that has been treated to prevent mould, bacteria and dust-mites. If you are considering using a latex pillow it is important to test for any allergy before you leave your baby sleeping alone on the product.

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