Baby Pillows

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Anti-roll baby pillows

One of the most popular baby pillows is a new-born pillow designed with curved bumpers to provide a comfortable support during a baby’s nap. The anti-roll pillows are made from hypoallergenic materials giving a soft and cosy environment to your baby’s sleep as well as creating a natural sleeping position. They are amazing for babies aged between 0-6 months because once the little one begins to move during the sleep, you are more advised to use another kind of cot pillow instead.

Cot pillows, or nursery pillows

Cot pillows are designed for babies from the age 12 months however some experts recommend starting using a pillow for the age of 18 months. Look for pillows made from non-allergenic materials, in most cases a pure and organic cotton or bamboo are used helping a sensitive baby’s skin to breathe easy and naturally. Using a pillow for the cot can also prevent ‘flat head’ syndrome by supporting the baby’s head and neck. Some pillows are perfect in combination with cot duvet covers and sets or browse a wide range of cot bumpers making a baby cot safe and pretty.

Toddler pillows

There are so many toddler pillows you can choose from such as memory foam or supportive toddler pillows. Want to make your baby’s bed even more pleasant looking? Create a cute and playful atmosphere for your child by getting an animal themed baby pillow.

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