Baby Rattles

Baby Rattles 0-12 Months

Keeping a baby entertained is no small feat, but baby rattles 0-12 months help. Made in a variety of colours and sizes, these traditional toys give your little one something to hold onto, chew on, and make noise with from a young age. Rattles encourage babies to use their fingers to grip and shake, helping develop motor skills from birth. Purchase age-appropriate rattles for your child and put fun at your baby's fingertips.

Shake It Up

Introduce your baby to music with shaker rattles. These typically have a more musical sound than regular rattles, and come in designs like maracas or sticks. Some shakers have noisemakers inside that come to life when your baby shakes them, while others have bells attached to the exterior to make noise. Rattles enhanced with wooden beads that slide when shaken are fun ways to make music, and egg-shaped shakers are the perfect shape for small hands to grab.

Strap It On

For small infants who can't grab quite yet, Velcro-enhanced wrist rattles strap around your baby's wrists and make noise when he or she moves. These are fun ways to introduce your baby to the joy of rattles. Typically made of soft fabric, wrist rattles feature bright characters and colourful animals. In the same vein, foot rattles slip on like socks and come to life as the baby kicks and moves, creating a symphony of movement that keeps babies entertained.

Soft Touch

Fabric rattles come in many sizes and forms, including favourite characters or animals. Some rattle and squeak, while others simply rattle. Rattles come in themes, including 0-12 month baby farm rattles or 0-12 month holiday baby rattles. Made of washable fabric, some rattles include a clip that attaches to a carrier or pram for easy access when you travel with your baby. Some fabric rattles feature a plastic teething ring to soothe baby as he or she plays.

Playtime with Plastic

Safe for chewing and easy to wipe down and clean, plastic rattles come in many designs and shapes, including mobile phones, keys, and cars. These rattles offer many ways for your baby to stimulate his imagination, as plastic rattles often feature more than one activity, such as a rattle with colourful balls inside to look at, or a rattle with other toys hanging from it to play and interact with. Ergonomic shapes make rattles easy to grasp, and provide hours of playtime.