Baby Safety Gates

Baby Safety Gates

One of the first things any parent worries about is the safety of their baby. Baby monitors are great when your child is in the crib, but once your toddler is moving, baby safety takes on a whole new dimension. Safety gates let you limit the area your child can reach, so they dont do things like try to climb down the stairs before they are ready.

Why Gates

You use baby bed guards when your child is in the crib, so it only makes sense to move up to gates once they get out of bed. Think of baby safety gates as the next step beyond play pens. They dont limit your childs movement quite as much, but they are there to give you the peace of mind you need when junior is on the move.


A common first choice for baby gates is the pressure-mounted gate. Readily available from companies like Lindam, pressure mounted gates hold themselves in place through friction by pressing against opposing walls. You do need to be careful where you place them, but you can also pick them up and take them to your friends house even if it isnt baby-proofed.

Wall Mounts

People with wider halls or larger toddlers may find that pressure gates dont hold quite well enough for their needs. In that case they can turn to fixed gates. These gates are permanently mounted to the wall. They are less portable than pressure gates, but they can be much larger and stronger. Its a good choice for extra wide or extra strong gates.

Choosing a Gate

Just like baby play pens, baby gates are a personal choice for you as a parent. You need to consider both the space you need to block off and your child. The right gate is one that makes your life easier, so you can spend more time with your child and less time worrying about them.