Baby Shower Party Supplies

One of the most fun parts about being an expectant mum is the baby shower (or surprise sprinkle, if you're expecting baby number two). Usually put on by a good friend or family member, a baby shower is a party with an obvious theme, full of fun, food, games and presents for the mum-to-be. There are a few different supplies needed to throw a baby shower, all of which combine to make it a great day for the expectant mother.

Balloons for Baby Showers

Baby shower party balloons and decorations are pretty impertative to dress up the room, to place outside so guests know where the party is and just for general décor. Look for mylar themed balloons, with either pink or blue colours, depending on the gender of the baby. If mum hasn't revealed the gender yet, the best gender-neutral colours are yellow and green. You can also look for personalised balloons, with the name of the baby or mum.

Favour Ideas

Just like a bridal shower, a baby shower needs a few favours. These can be little pink or blue baby bottles or rattles, personalised gift tags, bubbles (which often come inside baby bottles'), baby carriages, little gift boxes, personalised keepsakes and other small items. Often, favours go into a party bag, and are given out to each guest, especially the mum, as a remembrance of the day.

Games for Showers

One of the best parts of the party is the baby shower games. Everyone can take turns guessing how many centimetres mom's waist is (this is an old wives' tale used to determine the gender), or you can play word searches or memory games. Fake scratch-off tickets are also a popular game, and it's also fun to have mum pin on a sash. Game ideas usually come in a bundle or package, allowing you to play several games.

Invitations and Thank-You Cards

While many invites happen on social media these days, it's still important to use paper baby shower greeting cards and invitations. These are a little more formal, and also gives guests a keepsake to remember the party. For a special touch, look for matching thank-you cards along with the paper invitations, so that mum has an easy time of it filling out thank-you notes right after the party.