Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bags

Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bags

Infants are used to being in the womb and like the feeling of being cuddled. A supportive approach like swaddling helps the baby to feel protected. In a special baby swaddle, the baby feels calmer and falls asleep more easily, leaving you more time for yourself and household chores. If you use baby sleeping bags correctly, your family only benefits from this arrangement.

Basics to Consider

The baby sleeping bags offer an alternative to baby blankets. You should never use a sleeping bag with a doona or hood, as your baby could become too hot when you do this. Moreover, a proper sleeping bag should have the right size of opening around the neck, as the baby would slip deep inside the bag, which would again result in the baby becoming too hot. The baby should weigh about 4 kg before he or she can sleep in a special swaddle.


Babies are generally the same size and gender starts to make a huge difference in the teenage years. Thus, the size of the sleeping bag does not depend much on the gender and relies more on a specific babys weight and height. However, you may want to buy dedicated baby girl sleeping swaddles and baby boy sleeping bags if you like gender-specific baby accessories. If you wish, you could still mix and match these styles to your own liking.


Material plays a significant role in baby swaddles, as baby skin is very delicate and needs proper care. Anti-allergic materials are the best option even when your baby does not yet have any allergies. The material also depends on the weather conditions and the season. The colder the weather, the warmer the swaddle should be, especially if you take your baby out in this sleeping bag. However, take care not to overheat them.

TOG Ratings

Like with doonas, the TOG rating gives information about the thickness of the sleeping bag. The TOG ratings range from 0.5 to 3.5. This unit of measurement calculates the thermal resistance of a product and describes its warmth. The higher the number, the warmer the sleeping bag. Classic or silky soft sleeping bags generally fall under the 1.0 TOG rating, while muslin sleeping bags are the warmest available.