Baby Thermometers Give Peace Of Mind

Protecting your baby's health is one of the most important things a parent can do, and if their temperature is rising, you want to keep on top of it. A baby thermometer will ensure you can keep track of any slight or major fevers, so you can take action right away to help them if they seem distressed or unwell.

Types of baby thermometers

From digital sticks to glass thermometers, pacifier thermometers and infrared designs, there are plenty of places you can measure your baby's temperature from.

However, two of the most common types of baby thermometers are those that measure the temperature in the ear, and the other on the forehead. The type you decide to purchase is really a personal preference and can also be based on your budget. However, both are suitable and accurate.

Ear thermometers

An ear thermometer uses infrared technology to read the temperature inside your baby's ear, so you hold it within their ear and press the button for it to work. They can take anywhere from a few seconds to 30 seconds to work, but they are very accurate. The biggest problem with these is they can be tough if you have a child who likes to move around a lot.

Forehead thermometers

The forehead thermometer also uses infrared technology to detect the temperature of your baby's temporal artery – and you can simply hold it next to your baby's forehead or gently press it against their skin. They are easy to use and won't distress your baby or toddler when you're using them. They are also fast, taking just a few seconds to get a reading, and accurate. These are more expensive than ear thermometers but less invasive.

There are also some thermometers that do both. The best way to find a style for your baby is to browse through the full range on eBay. You can see the best sellers, which gives you an idea of what other parents are using, or you can shop via the filters and choose a brand, colour, or other features.