Baby toilet training supplies help your toddler grow up fast

Every parent understands the trials and tribulations of baby toilet training. All you can is prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and stay patient! Oh, and make sure you’ve got all the right baby toilet training supplies to help reduce the hassle of unfortunate accidents and speed up the education process. 

Types of baby toilet training supplies you need

There’s no escaping the important task of toilet training your little ones, so you might as well invest in decent supplies and embrace the challenge! 

With portable potties, baby toilet training potty seats and potty seat covers, you will have access to a crucial baby toilet training tool everywhere you go. A training potty provides all the elements of a realistic toilet including a retractable tissue holder and flush handle – plus a few special additions like a music player and cute, cheerful and colourful animal theme designs – to help your toddler learn the basics in a fun and encouraging way. Not only will your baby feel like a proper grown-up, but you’ll appreciate the mess-free clean-up process. You can even buy free-standing toddler potty urinals to teach boys all about this everyday practice. 

For the next step up (literally), buy a baby toilet training step stool to let your toddler onto the real toilet. Along with the obvious toilet training benefits, these stools are handy for all other aspects of bathroom and hygiene training including cleaning teeth and reaching up to wash hands in the sink.

And when inevitable mistakes do happen, at least you know your child is wearing waterproof and easy-to-clean baby toilet training pants.

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