Baby Wipes

Baby wipes for all those sticky occasions

From wet bottoms to sticky fingers, baby wipes have many uses and are the handy go to for all sorts of problems that need cleaning up or wiping off. Made out of soft fabric and enriched with dermatologically tested cleansing lotion, baby wipes leave the skin feeling soft and clean, bringing the smiles back to your baby time and time again.

The most essential task for baby wipes is to hygienically clean your baby while changing their nappy, to avoid nappy rash and any resulting infections or dryness. Babies need changing a lot and the baby wipes that are on the market today have been tested to keep babies skin hydrated and to make it much easier and more convenient to clean your baby, no matter where you are.

Disposable baby wipes help to clean your babys skin quickly and efficiently, and are also ideal for cleaning hands and mopping up messes, particularly when you are out and about or in the car. Gently removing the mess and dirt at the same time as moisturising, baby wipes will leave your babys skin clean, soft and fresh.

What to look for

Different ingredients can be used in the baby wipes that are available. If your baby has a more delicate skin type you may prefer to use wipes that contain fewer ingredients, for example ones that are alcohol-free. Likewise for babies with sensitive skin, choosing a fragrance-free brand of baby wipes rather than scented ones will ensure there are less ingredients used that can irritate a particular skin type.

All wipes come in packaging that is designed to keep them moist, some packs have resealable tops, while other dispenser baby wipes have a pop-up lid that can be opened and closed for increased practicalities. Choose compact wipes for when you are on the go, as they will take up less space in your nappy bag.