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Bach Trumpets

Bach Trumpets

The history of Vincent Bachs musical instrument company traces all the way back to 1925, when the first Bach Stradivarius professional trumpet saw daylight. Now you can find Bach brass instruments for all player levels and all purposes. Bach trumpets use high-quality brass, and each item is a precise handicraft. The range includes student, intermediate, professional and specialty trumpets.

Student Trumpets

Bach student trumpets are best for beginners or children. The student trumpets combine unique specifications and acoustic design that promote the quick development of students and satisfy the needs of novice trumpet players. Typically, the students feature a .459-inch or a .460-inch bore and a seamless brass bell that is responsive and creates a warm sound. The student models include TR300H2, TR300H2S, TR500, TR500S and TR600.

Intermediate Trumpets

The intermediate trumpets are already more advanced. Including some professional features, they are a step up from the beginner trumpets and can satisfy the needs of more demanding players. Both the TR200 and TR200S feature the standard .459-inch medium-large responsive bore. Professional monel piston material and bell mandrel ensure they offer something more. The TR200S is one of the Bach silver-plated trumpets that stands out with its elegant design.

Professional Trumpets

Bach offers a wide range of professional trumpets. While the student and intermediate trumpets fall in the B flat key, the professional instruments have more variety. You can find trumpets in the C, D/E flat and the E flat key as well. The model range also includes two piccolo trumpets, AP190 and AP190S.

Specialty Trumpets

Bach Stradivarius offers two specialty trumpets: B185 and B188. The B185 is a triumphal trumpet that makes the best use of the model 18037, a world-class Bach trumpet. Warm sound combines with great projection, allowing you to play the victory march or other ceremonial music. The B188 is a bass trumpet initially serving as an alternative to a valve trombone, but you can effortlessly use it in jazz music, marching band or a brass quartet, as it provides lots of volume and tremendous projection.