Back Body Massagers

Does your back deserve a relieving massage every day? With a quality back massager from eBay, you can ease the tension in those sore points and relax while watching TV, reading, and in some cases even driving.

Massage seat cushions

Massage seat and chair cushions operate with powerful massage motors and use up to 8 different modes to soothe the neck, upper back, lumbar region and thighs. They are lightweight, portable and can be attached to a standard office chair, armchair or car seat in seconds using the stretch straps provided. That means you can sit back and enjoy your massage when you're at home or out driving. These items usually include a heating feature in the lower back region, as well as a simple remote controller with various levels of speed and intensity. Of course if you really love your massages, you may want to buy an electric full body massage chair for incredible reclining satisfaction.

Massage pillows

Heated massage pillows are smaller than full chair cushions. The rolling balls focus on one particular area of the body at a time, but still provide the deep, intense kneading massage you crave. You can choose a shiatsu massage with or without heat. As with massage seat cushions, the package generally includes a car lighter adaptor and a mains power adaptor.

Full body massagers

Handheld full body massagers are a great option for people who want to target specific areas at different times. Designed with up to 6 interchangeable massage heads and an ergonomic handle, these versatile accessories are very easy to use on all parts of the body, not only the back. A standard handheld full body massager offers both low-speed tapping to help loosen muscle knots, and high-speed tapping for deep tissue relief in large muscle groups. This type of massager weighs approximately 1.5kg and is 450mm x 120mm x 100mm, so you won't have any problems taking it with you everywhere you go.

Ready to start massaging your back more often? Treat yourself to a back massager from eBay today!