Try BackJoy for a happy back

If you're prone to aches, and pains, or want something to help improve your posture, BackJoy are known to offer products for back pain relief, posture correcting, and general muscle comfort and support.

Their patented products are unique, with a range of kneepads, braces and orthopaedic sleeves to name just a few of their product range. They can be used as a preventative measure, or once you are already experiencing back pain. Designed to relieve pain, BackJoy's vision is to effortlessly tune your body throughout the day. They aim to eradicate restrictions from back discomfort so that you can live your life every single day.

The Backjoy Posture Plus range take pain relief, and muscle support to the next level with ergonomically designed pads to help provide support for the entire day.

BackJoy orthopaedic seat and posture cushions

Whether at work or at home, sitting for hours at a time can have detrimental effects on your posture, and ultimately, your spine. Treating lower back pain can be as simple as a new seat with BackJoy SitSmart. By gently tilting the pelvis, they return the spine to its natural position.

Posture cushions and orthopaedic seats aim to help your back pain by improving your sitting posture instantly. The design of the seat automatically positions your body to sit in comfort. Try the mini, or large BackJoy posture plus product to make sitting all day easy, and safe. Pair this orthopaedic seat with any chair. Try the BackJoy weatherproof posture seat, so that you can take it anywhere, and even meditate on the hillside in comfort. Perhaps the memory foam version will give you the softer comfort you are looking for.

BackJoy other orthopaedic products

If you already own a BackJoy seat, you may be looking for alternative products. Try out the kneeler pads for gardening, suitable for both indoor, and outdoor use.

If you have a particular pain spot in your back, the BackJoy Trigger Point Relief Self-Massager range, with adjustable massage balls, could be right for you. Relieve pain in the comfort of your home, with simple pressure relief massage techniques.

The BackJoy Posture Band is another great product for correcting posture.