Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Badge Button Makers

Arts and crafts are something that appeals to boys and girls of all ages. It is fun and it is educational. It is also something that can turn from a hobby into a business. With the use of a badge or button maker, you can make the process even easier.

How They Work

Using a badge or button maker is not difficult - even children should be able to do it when supervised by a parent or guardian. The first step is finding the image you want on the front of your badge or button. You can purchase ones that come with designs on them, or make a unique piece. Cut the design to shape according to the size of your button or badge (slightly bigger than the front piece, as it will need to wrap around the back). Next you will load the front and image into the maker as their specific instructions should show. It will include the front piece, the artwork, and a protective clear layer to ensure the design stays safe. You will then need to choose a backing (badge or button), and connect it using the hand-cranked machine. The process is quick and easy.


Collecting badges and buttons is fun and rather inexpensive. You can buy an album to display and keep them safe, or you can wear them proudly on your jacket or backpack. It shows your personality and can help you find others with similar interests. There are designs featuring children’s characters Phineas and Ferb, movie characters like those from Suicide Squad, or even just clever sayings. If you are interested in vintage buttons and badges, online retailers like eBay have plenty. Why not remember your childhood with old-school Batman and Robin designs?

Selling Your Badges and Buttons

Starting a business is difficult, but it doesn’t always have to be. Start-up markets and rentable stalls make selling your unique wares affordable and easy. If you intend to make a profit, there are a few things you will need to do. First, obtain materials. This includes the maker and button supplies. Buying the latter in bulk will help increase your profit, but don’t get ahead of yourself in the beginning. Be creative in your artwork. If you don’t have permission to use licensed brands, create your own. Ask people what they are wanting, and be open to customising. Print and construct the badges and buttons. Finally, advertise and sell at local markets and online.

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