Badminton equipment for every player

Whether you are looking to hit the court for the first time, or are already a regular badminton enthusiast, make sure you have the best badminton equipment for showcasing your skills. The brilliant thing about this sport is that you don't need much to be able to play.

Find a brand new badminton racquet to play with, a new pair of shoes to manoeuvre around the court, or replacement shuttlecocks for you and your friends. There is a wide variety to choose from on eBay including products from popular brands such as Dunlop, APACS, Yonex, and DHS.

Racquets for that great shot

Everyone knows how important racquets are to keep that extra edge over your opponents. Different badminton rackets are designed for different purposes and skill levels, with subtle differences in the string and weight. The weight is an important feature as the heavy head racquets are known to be able to produce more power to shuttle your shots across the court. However, the lighter head rackets are more popular in mixed or normal doubles matches as they are lighter where speed is more important.

Get dressed and get going

If you want to get clothing which matches your personality and style then be assured that you can find a range of different shirts and shoes on eBay. Shirts are available for different sizes and genders and vary in colour and breathability so that you can perform well in style and comfort on the court. Badminton shoes are available in different brands with different levels of traction, size, cushion, grip, and weight to match your style of play.

Nets and shuttlecocks

Different nets are also available depending on whether you are an indoor or outdoor player, or are simply looking for a different colour in design for your court. Shuttlecocks are an important decision for you as you want them to be durable and long-lasting when you play. The ever-popular Yonex branded shuttlecocks are available alongside cheaper unbranded versions. Opt for plain white shuttlecocks for a traditional game, or go with brightly coloured ones to increase visibility.