Popular Bahco Products

Bahco for work and home

Bahco pride themselves as industry pioneers, offering high-quality hand tools, accessories and tool storage options. Whatever industry you work in, or if youre looking for DIY tools, this brand offers an extensive range, to suit all purposes. Shop right here on eBay Australia for your spanners, screwdrivers, and much more.

Industry tools

Bahco has a vision of productivity, and efficiency coming first, always. Shop for tools to cut metal, with their range of bandsaw blades, power hacksaw blades, and hole saws. For simple maintenance, and repair work, see their selection of files, wrenches, and sockets. Production tools are available from air, and torque tools to Bahco screwdrivers, and pliers.

The Bahco wrenches are particularly well known. With over 130 years of producing the adjustable top, the ERGO wrench has the most functions of any wrench on the market. With specially designed grooves, and jaws on the handle, Bahco makes it possible to optimise your hand strength with the safest grip. Perfect for your average nuts, but also great for rounded nuts, bolts, and pipes.

Bahco hand saws are a cut above your average saw. Shop through this range alongside chisels, and bow saws. Used in carpentry, joinery, plumbing, and electrical work, this is a trusted choice for tradesmen.

Bahco landscaping tools

Perfect if youre into nature, and pruning your lawn. Treat yourself to some home garden tools, or stock up on quality tools for your landscaping business. Bahco offer secateurs, loppers, hedge shears, and pruning shears or saws. Also on offer for digging are a selection of hoes, rakes, and shovels. If youre after power tools, shop for Bahco power pruners, electric hedge trimmers, and battery powered brushes.

Automotive tools

Suitable for all car types, Bahco automotive tools range from specialist oil service kit to innovative jacks, cranes, and other hydraulics. Shop for Bahco tool storage, to ensure your workshop is looking neat, and tidy.