Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Stay safe in the air with a Bailey ladder, available to purchase right here online at eBay.

Trust the Bailey ladder difference

Whether you’re looking for a folding ladder, an aluminium ladder, or some other type of ladder, Bailey ladders are one of the most well known and trusted ladder brands in Australia. Bailey ladders have a range of features, depending on the model, to keep you safe and your ladder functioning correctly for years to come. Strong, durable, reliable and trusted, Bailey is the first choice in ladders for many Australians.

Explore the origins of Bailey ladders

Founded in Australia in 1956, with the first factory located in Sydney, Bailey has existed in Australia for more than 60 years. All their products are manufactured to the appropriate Australian Standards. They are dedicated to “Safety at heights”, boasting a wide range of ladders for domestic and industrial use.

Enjoy the features of a Bailey ladder

The majority of Bailey ladders include a Punchlock, which is 66% stronger than conventional riveted types of ladders. The Punchlock provides increased strength and durability. The manufacturing process uses a swaging process in the tread to stile connections. The swaging process forms the end of the tread shape, expanding out and rolling over to form a tight connection in the stile. Unlike a traditional riveted connections, the swage fills any void so there are no clearances that can work loose over time.

Bailey ladders also typically have a double hollow tread, which reduces ladder twisting. Tri-bracing supports eliminate catch points and provides the strongest support between the tread and stile. The lightweight design of most Bailey ladders still maintains strength and safety while reducing the strain and fatigue when carrying the ladder into place.

Whatever the model of Bailey ladder to suit your needs, you’re sure to be walking on air when you find it right here for immediate purchase on eBay.

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