Bakelite Radio

Enhance your collection with a quality Bakelite Radio

Molded plastic was first used to make a Bakelite radio in the early 20th century. The elegant and stylish designs soon became a popular feature in modern and fashionable homes. On eBay you will find a wide selection of genuine vintage models and collectible radios for use and display in a variety of ages.

Vintage Bakelite radio variations

The vintage 1940s Healing Bakelite radio typically boasts a solid cabinet design with a rectangular illuminated dial panel, knobs and a slatted speaker. The large hand polished Bakelite radios of this period are mostly dark brown in colour. Choose from a variety of styles to suit your décor.

The Monarch Bakelite radio flaunts a unique design that presents the woven cloth covered speaker on one side of the box, and the dial on the other. The valve Bakelite radio also has twin knobs.

The Art Deco Bakelite radio is a more compact design. The Airzone Bakelite valve radio is made from durable ivory plastic, can tune into 14 stations and has a vent style speaker with two knobs.

Empire State Bakelite radios from the 1930s show off an extravagant design. This large Bakelite radio has a towering structure that houses the standard illuminated dial and speakers, and is finished with a row of four knobs. The popular design is available in classic mottled brown or white plastic.

The Philips Bakelite radio is a popular later model that features the dial on top. Compact and rectangular, this radio displays a full-length vented speaker.

Classic vintage Philips valve tube Bakelite radios traditionally feature a round metal rimmed dial, four knobs and textured grid patterning. Red Bakelite radios are popular models that add a touch of retro charm to any home.

Standard Bakelite radio features

Early period radios boast the distinctive mottled brown finish that is often associated with the Bakelite radio. These collectible tube radios featured a glass dial, a cloth covered speaker, and control knobs.