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Got one to sell?

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How you can earn 'street cred' with Baker skateboard decks

Baker was founded in 2002, the intention of Baker skateboards is to keep it 'simple and pure', working with an elite group of professional skateboarders, Baker has developed their range for skateboarders built by skateboarders.

What types of decks to Baker offer?

The deck of a skateboard is the part which you stand upon, on the underside of the board are logos and iconic Baker designs. Baker skateboard decks are made from 7-ply Canadian hard rock maple which combines the best balance of flexibility and durability, you can find various shapes, lengths and sizes dependent upon your skateboarding level and the style of skateboarding you partake in. Connected to the deck are the trucks, which hold the wheels to the board, and then, the wheels, which take you wherever you need to go.

Baker board dimensions

Baker's boards are offered in different deck widths, ranging from seven inches up to nine inches, the lengths of the boards range from 31 inches and up. 7.5" to 8" are seen as a 'standard board' for adult riders who enjoy skating streets or doing more technical tricks. The 8.0" to 8.25" are great for skating in features such as on the ramp, rail, or parks. Whilst the 8.25" and up are great for general cruising, going old school and lazy tricks in the pool.

How often do I need to replace my skateboard?

Dependent upon the regularity of using your board and how aggressive your riding is will determine how often you need to replace your board, most riders replace their decks on average once a year. As soon as your skateboard deck appears to be splitting or showing signs of general wear and tear it may be time to replace your skateboard deck.

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