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Baking Accessories and Cake Decorating

Whether you’re baking and decorating a cake for a birthday or another event, baking tools and supplies will make the process easier.

Baking Accessories

  • Silicone baking mats are non-stick, so your cake will come away from the mat easily once cooked. 
  • Rolling pins, usually stainless steel or wood, help with rolling out dough.

Cake Decorating Supplies 

  • Cake toppers: Cake toppers will make your cake stand out, with text designs, designs featuring hearts on sticks, small figurines and more.
  • Piping nozzles: Piping nozzles can be used to ice cakes and other pastries. Nozzles differ in patterns so that when you ice your cake, you can customise the design you want.
  • Cake smoothers: Smooth the icing on the side of your cake with a cake smoother.
  • Edible decorations: These decorations give your cake a unique look and can also be eaten. Flowers are common designs. Other designs may include dinosaur shapes, unicorn horns, sprinkles and more.
  • Food colouring: Change the colour of your cake batter or icing by adding food colouring into the mix.