Baking Trays

Cooking Trays and Baking Moulds: Make the Most of Your Bakes

A baking tray set is like a house-elf, working quietly behind the scenes and seldom thought of! Browse eBay to find a good set of cooking trays to meet your baking needs.

Which material is best for a baking tray set?

Modern baking trays are made from stainless steel, aluminium or silicone. In general, shiny baking trays reflect the heat and can shorten your cooking times quite noticeably. Dark metals absorb heat and hold it, creating an even bake that is ideal for dishes that need moderate heat but a long cooking time. A silicone oven baking tray does not hold heat, so cakes and biscuits baked in this will not brown at all, so if you are making colourful cupcakes, these can be the answer.

Advances in oven baking tray technology

Previously, baking trays were made from heavy sheets of metal, which tended to go rusty if not properly looked after, and to which the baked goods would stick if they were not prepped carefully. These trays needed to be oiled before being put away and then washed, re-oiled, and lightly floured before use. Today's lightweight trays, almost all with non-stick surfaces, turn out perfect cakes and muffins without too much effort.

The baking sheet you use can affect your result, so choose carefully, and select your baking tray set according to the items you will be using them for. You will be happy you did when your cakes and biscuits turn out well.

Foil trays tend to be for single-use events. You can bake cakes or biscuits, leave them to cool in situ, and then deliver them to a bake sale or event, without any dishes or Tupperware to be returned to you. They are also good for barbecues, as well as baking – try baking potatoes as the fire dies down for a delicious and warm baked treat. They tend to be reasonably priced: A small cost for the convenience provided.

What are some of the baking trays and their uses?

If you are serious about your baking, you will want to consider investing in a range of cookware to try various types of bakes:

  • Pizza: Pizzas fit onto round trays, that have indentations on the bottom to allow heat and air to circulate, so there is no soggy bottom to the pizza.
  • Biscuits and cookies: These use traditional baking sheets with anti-stick properties, to prevent rust, and for easy maintenance.
  • Muffins: Trays and baking moulds can be shaped to hold muffins, and can be used with or without paper casings.
  • Fairy cakes: Similar to muffins and usually smaller and more delicate, fairy cakes usually need paper cases for ease of handling and eating. These are best filled when placed in a moulded tray.
  • Cakes: A bake container for a cake can be almost any size or shape.