Balaclavas, Masks & Neck Warmers

Motorcycle Balaclavas, Masks and Tubes

Choosing motorcycle headwear isn't just about picking the right helmet. A good motorcycle balaclava, mask or tube can make riding a lot more comfortable. 

Why Wear a Motorcycle Balaclava?

Even in quite warm weather, riding a motorbike comes with a lot of wind chill. Wearing a long balaclava or face mask can cover the gap between your riding suit and your motorcycle helmet, but even a short one will help to keep your face warm. A balaclava also provides a protective layer between your head and the inside of the helmet. The balaclava material soaks up a lot of sweat before it reaches your helmet pads too, so you can wash them less frequently. 

What Features and Materials Should I Look For?

  • A motorcycle balaclava covers the whole head and leaves a window for the eyes. Face masks don't cover the top of the head and often only cover half the face. They often come with printed designs. Head tubes are easy to take off and put on and only cover the lower face and neck. 
  • Motorcycle balaclavas and motorcycle tubes are often made from moisture-wicking performance synthetics to stop you from getting sweaty under the helmet. Silk is also common as it is light, soft and warm, while cotton is another widely available natural fibre option. Some riders like to wear fire-resistant balaclavas made from materials like Nomex.