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Ball Gowns for Women

Women’s Ball Gown Dresses

Beyond your high school formal, there may be courtly event that requires you find to a beautiful gown to wear. Whether it’s for a costume party, a formal get-together, or a bustling New Year’s Eve party, there are many different ball gowns in a myriad of colours and styles from which to choose. From satin to poly-blend and ruby red to cool teal, you’re sure to find a dress that’s ideal for your event.

Floor-Length Options

Many of the formal dresses you will come upon are floor-length. These long gowns work exceptionally well with medium to high heels, elongating your figure and offering a slimming look. Look for a crinoline floor-length dress that offers a true gown look, or a slimming high-cut style floor-length gown with a slit in the side.

Shorter Ball Gowns

There are also several different shorter ball gown styles that may be perfect for both your figure and your occasion. A lot of shorter ball gowns may have more “puff” in the bodice part. For example, an off-the-shoulder dress that’s high cut may have ruffled sleeves. Shorter satin ball gown dresses work well and are quite eye-catching, as are lace ball gown dresses. Shorter ball gowns work well with both flats and heels.

Petite and Plus Size

Not to worry if you require a petite or plus-size gown, as there are plenty of options. When it comes to petite sizes for formal dresses, this may mean several things, so pay close attention to sizing. Petite may refer to the actual size of the dress (such as S or XS), or it may refer to the length. Sometimes “petite” dresses refer to dresses that are made for those of smaller stature. With plus-size, sizes are usually denoted by 1X, 2X, and so forth.

Styles and Colours

When it comes to styles and colours, the choice is ultimately up to you. For a sultry, yet elegant look, sequin ball gown dresses will catch quite a few looks, or you can choose from materials such as sateen, satin, and even cotton for a more casual affair. While many gowns are comprised of solid colours, you can also choose from patterns and stripes, depending on the occasion.

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