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Ball Pit Balls

A ball pit that offers hours of fun

Colourful, vibrant and in a variety of sizes, ball pit balls are excellent fun to play both with, and in. Ball pit balls are lightweight and made of plastic. They are safe, non-toxic and easy to clean, durable and designed to resist crushing.

Even if you dont have your own ball pit, you can create one from a paddling pool or use another large container to provide hours of amusement for your little ones.

Fun for kids of all ages

The balls are crush-proof because of their air-sealed design which enables them to withstand the weight. Their size is perfect for all sorts of fun while being light to throw and catch.

They are strong without feeling hard should one of them be thrown in your direction. They are available in different quantities and pack sizes so ensure you buy the right amount that you might need to fill up your ball pit. Kids love to watch these balls bounce, and love to jump and dive into a decent amount of these ball pit balls.

Ball pit balls are great to play with away from a ball pit because they are made of a soft plastic, which bends when you land on it. This makes them great fun to use on trampolines, and in play tents and play tunnels.

How to choose your ball pit balls

The best ball pit balls are crush-proof ones, which should last you a long time and are ideal for ball pits.

Choose a ball pack that is decorated in bright colours for some visually stimulating play. How many balls you buy depends on the ball pit or container you will be using. For a good-sized ball pit, fill it with a minimum of least 200 balls, and your child will have a happy smile on their face.

If youre looking to build out a playhouse for your children, then find a whole range of fun, inflatable or even other ball toys on eBay, offering hours of fun alongside their ball pits.