Ball Pit

Help Your Children Have a Ball With a Ball Pit

Ball pits, for many, were a classic part of childhood. Now, they're a little less common in public spaces such as playgrounds in restaurants or other public areas. However, thousands of children across the world now have their very own ball pits in their homes. It's a great way for children to play and practice sharing. Additionally, since it's an enclosed space, ball pits also can double as a playpen for children. Overall, it's a great way for your children to play, stay occupied, and learn new skills.

Are all ball pits indoor/outdoor?

Prior to purchasing a ball pit for your child, you should definitely review the product description to determine if the pit is made for indoor and outdoor use. While there are many models that are made to be used both indoors and outdoors, some are better suited for indoor-only use due to the material they are made of and their durability. While you may be able to use each version outside, some pits may be damaged by the environment when taken outdoors. An outdoor ball pit may last longer if a cover is used with it when it's not in use.

What are the primary differences between crawl tunnels and baby tents?

There are several different types of ball pits that can be purchased for your child, depending on how you want them to use the pit itself. Crawl tunnel ball pits often contain multiple areas, with a connecting tunnel that allows your baby to crawl from one area to another. These are often larger and longer, and provide more space for your baby to roam. Baby tents, on the other hand, are often more like playpens. They're either an enclosed space or covered completely and provide your baby with one contained area for them to play in. The style you choose depends on the amount of space you can allot as well as how you want to have your baby use the pit.

Do ball pits come with the balls included?

Whether or not balls are included depends upon the listing itself. While some ball pits will come with a limited number of balls included, others will require you to purchase the balls separately from the pit. Read the listing to determine if balls are included, as well as how many. If your ball pit does not come with balls, you will be required to purchase them separately.