Ball Thrower Dog Toys

Ball Thrower Dog Toys

When choosing pet supplies, specifically dog supplies, toys are just as important as any other tool. Ball thrower toys for dogs can provide endless hours of fun and exercise for both you and your dog. Even better, if your throwing arm is feeling a bit weary, these dog toys will give your arm a well-deserved break.

How Do Ball Thrower Dog Toys Work?

Plastic ball thrower dog toys and launchers are all easy to operate.

  • Ball Chuckers/Throwers: These ball launchers give you grip on the end of a stick and are very simple and easy to use. You just scoop the ball into the grip at the end of the stick and can swing it, fling it or chuck it with all your might. You can also achieve great throwing distances with a ball on the end of a stick, so theyre great for long walks on the beach and giving your dogs legs a few extra laps.
  • Cannon/Gun Launchers: Have you always wanted to be Rambo? With cannon or gun style launchers you load a tennis ball, pull the trigger and shoot. You get a toy bazooka and your dog gets a dog toy.
  • Slingshot Launchers: Some of these are metal, but mostly they propel by a big stretchy rubber band. They do have great projection, so just be careful not to hit anyone elses heads!

Are Any Ball Launcher Toys Automatic?

You can literally teach your dog two tricks with an automatic ball launcher. These nifty devices are a ball throwing heavy-duty dog toy that are lot of fun for your pet to learn.

  • You teach your dog not only to fetch the ball but also to replace the ball back in the launcher so they can do it all again.
  • Some dog ball launchers use standard sized tennis balls, other have their own miniature size. Choose one according to the size of your dog; the smaller the dog, the smaller the ball.
  • Perfect if you are away at work during the day; just set it up indoors or outdoors before you go out, and they can play away as they wish while youre gone.