Ballet Shoes

Dance Shoes

The joys of learning a few dance moves can boost your mood and your confidence. As you glide across a room, having the correct footwear ensures you look good and feel good. Whether performing in front of a packed crowd in a theater or taking your first lessons in a mirrored studio, your feet won’t fail you.

Ballet Slippers

Having a good pair of ballet slippers is a crucial part of focusing on your moves and not your feet. Investing in a quality pair of slippers along with taking good care of your feet can ensure you’re spending more time performing on the stage and not sitting on the sidelines. Give your feet something to dance about when looking for that next pair of ballet slippers.

Jazz Dance Shoes

The free flowing, toe tapping beats of jazz demand that you be ready for the next move. Having the right pair of jazz shoes can get you there in just a step. Slide or glide into your next great pair of shoes.

Hip Hop Dance Shoes

The freedom to dance the way you want while utilising your entire body starts with your feet. Having the right footwear for hip hop dancing, whether in a class, on stage, in a club or in the street is a way to make a statement that you mean business. Take no prisoners when breaking it down on the dance floor with a good pair of jazz and hip-hop dance shoes.

Latin Dance Shoes

Telling a story with your feet is a unique experience. Enjoy making the dance floor come alive as you and your partner tug and dip your way into latin dance bliss. The narrative that results will be one for the ages. Find the right latin dance shoes for you.