Add a Splash of Festive Colour to Any Party Using Balloon Arches

A balloon arch can be a fun and easy way to make cool decorations for any party or fancy occasion. You can take a look at eBay to explore different options for affordable balloon arches in a range of styles and configurations. Understanding some of the main features you can get with these products will help you find the balloon arch kit that meets your needs.

Design elements of balloon arches for sale

All balloon arch kits can create festive pieces of floating fun, but you can choose different models that include a few design features that might make them more convenient or useful for you. Here are some of the elements you should be on the lookout for:

  • Filled - You can get a standard arch with regular balloons for any party. However, you can also choose to spice things up with a set of balloons filled with confetti or other festive items.
  • Glowing - For an added design aesthetic, you can get a party balloon arch that features balloons with special materials that allow them to glow in the dark after they're charged.
  • LEDs - In addition to the balloons themselves glowing throughout the arch, you can choose a kit that creates a ring of solid or flashing LED lights around the apparatus.
Can you get a balloon arch that uses unique shapes?

Yes, both new and second-hand balloon arches and kits can come in different shapes for your convenience. If you want to change things up, you can get balloons for your arches that come some of these shapes:

  • Hearts - You may want red, heart-shaped balloons for romantic occasions or holidays such as Valentine's Day.
  • Numbers - If you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or particular milestone for a friend or loved one, you might consider getting balloon arches in the shapes of numbers commemorating the date of the event.
  • Letters - Should you want to spell out a unique message, you can get a balloon arch that has individual letters you can put together.
Accessories for a balloon arch

You can get some extra pieces with your products when you purchase your balloon arch kits on eBay. Different models may include various accessories. Common items include clips to attach your balloons to poles, a balloon arch holder to secure the base of the unit and make sure it stays in position, and a pump to help you inflate the packet of balloons.