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When Pierre Balmain started his clothing line in 1945 it was a unique contrast to the utilitarian looks of the time. Balmains distinctive, feminine garments consisted of richly embroidered fabrics and nipped-in waists which caught the attention of the whole world. The brand grew and today is one of the most sought-after luxury brands, worn by the elite and famous, sung about and snapped up quickly whenever new releases appear. 

The brand expanded to include menswear and the collection of Balmain t-shirts for men embody the exciting and inclusive diversity of the modern Balmain universe. These statement pieces say that you care about your style and are in-tune with the trends in a subtle, yet powerful way. They also work with a range of outfit choices. 

The ladies collection continues to grow, and you will find a plethora of options of Balmain tops for women on eBay to ensure that your style stays ahead of the pack. The impressive designs inspire with a mastery of intricate couture techniques. The richness of Balmain is due to the incredibly high standards set by the brands legacy. 

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