Bamboo Plants & Seedlings

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are a great for creating privacy, bringing some greenery that is easy to take care of indoors, turning the yard into your own personal oasis and can even be used as a fencing solution. These attractive plants can suit just about any decor and are a low-fuss, easy to care for option. Gardening guru’s and people who don’t have a green thumb will love these plants. They are hardy enough to survive even if you tend to forget about plants.

Seeds and Plants

You can purchase an already established bamboo plant or you might like to grow your own bamboo plant from bamboo seeds. If you are looking for a low maintenance indoor plant, you can go for a potted, already established bamboo plant. Perhaps you would like to use bamboo as a modern looking fencing solution to divide your property from the neighbours. You can achieve this with a mix of established larger bamboo trees, and plant some bamboo seeds to ensure that your fence will continue to thicken over time and achieve your perfect result. If you are planning on creating your very own oasis in your backyard, you may be using bamboo twigs to create a Bali feel. Consider planting some bamboo seeds and over time you will achieve that true sense of being on vacation, with living bamboo surrounding your little slice of Bali in your very own backyard.

Lucky Bamboo Plants

Lucky bamboo house plants are a great gift option or you may like to purchase one or more for your own home or office. These lucky bamboo plants can survive and grow without natural sunlight, making them perfect for any spot indoors and they are extremely easy to care for. Bring the outdoors in with a lucky house bamboo plant in a decorative modern pot. They can also be kept in water gel beads to help them survive, adding a Zen vibe your house.