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Bang & Olufsen Portable MP3 Player Headphones & Earbuds

Bang & Olufsen Headphones

Bang & Olufsen headphones come from Bang & Olufsen, a Danish company famous for innovation in the electronics industry. The company was the first to develop a radio that powers by current, while others still ran on batteries.

Bang & Olufsen Microphone Headphones

If you need a headset you can speak into, you have a fairly good selection of Bang & Olufsen microphone headphones to choose from. One is the Beoplay H4, which is popular for its superior sound quality and its decent battery life. It wirelessly connects through Bluetooth and is lightweight at just 236 grammes, so it’s comfortable to carry.

Bang & Olufsen Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Beoplay H9 is still quite new among Bang & Olufsen noise cancellation headphones . With its release in December 2016, quality and performance are notable benefits. It bears the over-ear design, with ear pads that comfortably cover and even keep the cold out on chilly days. The wireless feature frees you from tangles. Ear pads and Lithium-Ion batteries are removable and replaceable. While these headphones cancel noise very well, the music sound quality suffers a little as a result. You may get it in black or Argilla Grey.

Bluetooth Headphones

Many snubbed the arrival of Bluetooth headphones in times past, but as newer, betters models continue to come out, a loyal following is not far behind. Some may contest that sound quality doesn’t measure up, but many also attest to the opposite. The biggest beneficial feature is the freedom that going wireless brings: no tangles in your bag, your pocket or your clothing. Newer models have more efficient batteries, eliminating short battery life concerns. With replaceable ear pads and batteries that feature in newer units like Beoplay H9, wear and tear concerns seem a good deal smaller.


Don’t subject your headphones to extreme temperature conditions, such as extremely hot or cold areas. Wipe after each use so dirt doesn’t build up. That way, you get to avoid using soapy water to clean it.