Bar Flasks

Get yourself a cheeky bar flask

Enjoy a swig of your favourite tipple wherever you go, with traditional bar flasks. The compact pocket-friendly barware accessory is available in a variety of styles and sizes on eBay.

Gentlemen prefer classic design bar flasks

Classy bar flasks that are presented in an elegant wooden box are perfect for gift giving and giving to yourself. Inside the hinged box, there is a sleek bar flask, 4 miniature cups and a funnel. A selection of styles and finishes are available. Polished stainless steel bar flasks are the sophisticated choice for sneaky social drinkers. The 7fl.oz version is the most popular size.

A hip flask is a popular accessory for many, allowing you to take a drink wherever you go. Many are plain stainless steel flasks, though some are wrapped in a smooth or pimpled leather. These are easy to fill with many hip flasks coming with their own tiny funnel.

Utility style bar flasks are a bonza idea for warming up around the campsite fire late at night. The stainless steel bar flasks have a slim profile and a wide mouth opening for easy drinking, pouring and cleaning. As the bottom is engravable youll easily be able to identify which bar flask is yours.

Novelty bar flasks

Indulge your mates love of a cheeky swig with the giant stainless steel hip flask. The supersize bar flasks are modelled on a classic traditional design and have brushed finish sides and a polished top. Boasting a generous 64fl.oz (half a gallon) capacity, these bar flasks can easily store enough liquor to get any party off to a cracking start.

When youre partying outdoors convenience is important. Concealable leak proof bar flasks are exactly what you need for nightclubbing and festivals. The transparent ‘bladder style bar flasks are made from durable puncture resistant plastic and have a 0.5L capacity. The plastic spout allows you to enjoy sips without wasting a drop. The 5pc pack supplies enough to go around. These make for great fun gifts.