Barbecue Covers

BBQ Covers

When the covers begin to come off the BBQs and outdoor cooking begins, you know that summer has finally arrived. Although cooking outdoors is never a bad thing, it just seems like more people tend to cook on BBQs to enjoy warmer weather after long cold or wet stretches. Using durable BBQ covers help keep them in great shape and ready for the outdoor cooking season.

Extra-Large BBQ Covers

Why go small when you can have it all? This motto is one that many outdoor cooks apply to their outdoor BBQ equipment. Luckily, there are extra-large BBQ covers available to protect this type of investment. Extra-large BBQs, like the hooded outdoor kitchen BBQ varieties, need extra-large BBQ covers. BBQ covers that are waterproof and include a breather vent make great choices for this type of outdoor cooking equipment. Some of the larger covers have lengths of 3,200 millimetres left to right, 700 millimetres depth front to back, and top to bottom height of 1,250 millimetres.

Large BBQ Covers

Outdoor cooks who use large hooded top BBQs often need the help of large BBQ covers to keep their equipment in tip-top shape. These BBQs often have sides that jet out at strong angles before dropping down to smooth sides. Some of the large BBQ covers have a length of 2,310 millimetres, depth of 650 millimetres, and height of 1,200 millimetres, which makes the covers ample enough to cover those extended angles. Covers with breather vents and waterproof qualities are a good investment for this outdoor cooking choice.

Medium BBQ Covers

Medium grill covers are ideal for people who use smaller BBQs, like tabletop models. Some of the best medium grill covers have features that include hems with easy-release tie-down straps, drawcords, or elastic for ensuring the cover stays in place. People who store their BBQ outside should consider covers with UV and waterproof features as well.

Small BBQ Covers

Even the smallest BBQ can benefit from a BBQ cover. There are a variety of small BBQ covers available, which makes it easy to find one to handle any need. Built-in BBQ covers are ideal for smoker BBQs and kettles. These covers typically include waterproof and UV cover features, adjustable drawstrings, and elastic hems to help keep the cover in place. No matter which size BBQ you have, there are many great options available to keep it looking new.