Barbour is the pinnacle of outdoor wax-jackets and modern technical clothing. 

With a heritage stretching back to 1894, Barbour and Sons have been leading the charge in hand-made classic waxed jackets. This once small family business has expanded to a comprehensive range of technically advanced clothing designed for an adventurous lifestyle while retaining the core underlying grit and ruggedness of its beautifully functional pieces. 

Barbour waxed cotton jackets have become so synonymous with British country clothing that they have been ingrained in the lexicon; often people refer to any waxed cotton jacket as a "Barbour jacket", irrespective of manufacturer. 

Designed for the British rugged country life, Barbour focused on practical hard-wearing jackets yet still managed to inject style into the working-man's clothing. 

Barbour and Sons started in England, in 1894 and its pedigree can be linked to royalty with Barbour and Sons Ltd. holding royal warrant to supply "waterproof and protective clothing" from Queen Elizabeth II in 1974, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1982, and Charles, Prince of Wales in 1987. 

Nowadays Barbour produce more than just men's wax Jackets and you don't need to be royalty to wear them. You'll find jackets, shirts, tops, men's coats, and a stylish range of women's jackets on eBay. 

While they still boast an amazing range of waxed jackets, Barbour also produce stylish quilt down jackets, vests and a range of quilted coats. 

With over 120 year's experience behind them, it's no wonder when people talk of jackets they are talking about Barbour.