Types of Bare Knuckle Pickups

Each part of a guitar has a part to play. The fretboard allows you to place your fingers correctly, the strings serve to create stunning, vibrating sound, and the guitar pickup allows those sounds to be amplified. Bare Knuckle pickups come in several types and styles so you can choose the one that helps you produce your ideal sound.

What are Bare Knuckle Pickups?

Guitar pickups play a big part in the sound of your instrument, but can also seem confusing to beginners. Essentially, guitar pickups are a metal or plastic tool that is placed underneath the strings and on the guitars body. The pickup is usually made of two parts: a magnet and up to several thousand turns of wire. Bare Knuckle pickups sense the movement of the strings as theyre played, which creates a change in the magnetic field created by the pickup. The change in the magnetic field causes a current in the pickups wire coil, and this current is transmitted through your amplifier or speaker.

Types of guitar pickups

Bare Knuckle pickups vary greatly from model to model, but most guitar pickups can be separated into two categories: single coil and humbucker. As you might guess, a single coil pickup only contains one magnet wrapped with a coil of wire. Single coil pickups tend to have a brighter and softer tone than humbucker Bare Knuckle pickups. Humbucker pickups, on the other hand, are comprised of two magnets, each wrapped with wire. The addition of a second magnet and coil tends to produce high power and high volume sounds. Bare Knuckle humbucker pickups are known to create warm tones that are particularly well suited to genres of music such as rock and metal.

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