Baseball Softball Pitching Machines

Baseball and softball pitching machines are great training aids, and players of all levels can put them to use. Teams across the world use pitching machines with great success to practice their hitting. However, there is a large gap in quality between the poorest and the best baseball pitching machines, and you need to choose one according to your needs.

Choosing the Best Baseball Pitching Machine

As you choose the perfect baseball pitching machine, consider a number of important factors. Keep in mind that baseball and softball pitching machines are interchangeable and basically the same thing. First, you need to think about how fast you want the machine to throw. Most machines have adjustable speed controls, but cheaper models will only throw slower balls (in general). Look for 1 or 2 wheel models if you are going for a backyard machine, but go for 3 or 4 wheel models if you want something more hard wearing and professional.

Other Factors

You also need to think about where you want to set the pitching machine up. Most machines require mains electricity or a generator to work. However, some more specialised models can work off compressed air or rechargeable batteries. Consider the size of the feeder basket. Smaller machines can only hold a few balls at once, while larger, more expensive machines can hold anything up to thousands of balls.

Batting Cages

Baseball and softball batting cages are great accessories to add you any training area. Instead of using a real person to back you up and catch the balls that you miss, go for a backstop batting cage. Manufacturers design these cages to stop any missed balls, putting them on the ground at your feet, and allowing for easy collection when you finish batting.

Backstop Netting

Baseball and softball backstop netting does basically the same thing as batting cages. Sure, it might set up a little differently and look a bit different, but it performs exactly the same function. Use a batting cage or netting in conjunction with your baseball pitching machine to make sure that you get the most out of every training session.