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Basin Shower Taps & Thermostats

Basin Taps and Mixers

Basin taps and mixers are an important part of any household. From the tap in your kitchen to the vanity and basin in your bathroom, your house most likely has several sinks and washing areas. Whether you’ve just moved in and need a complete redo, or you’re redesigning some of your tapware, there are quite a few options when it comes to new designs to help make using your sinks and basins a joy.

Construction Options

You’ll find plumbing taps and mixers made from a wide variety of different materials. If you have hard water or have concerns, it may be wise to ask a plumber which type of material is best for your water or your pipes. Typically, basin taps are made of materials such as stainless steel, brass, and chrome. You’ll also find many with a solid brass construction and a chrome finish. If aesthetics are important to you, chrome is perhaps the most shiny and sleek.

For the Kitchen

You’ll likely want different options for the kitchen than you’d want for a laundry room or bathroom sink. As doing the dishes in the kitchen basin is common, many kitchen taps have included spray nozzles to make cleaning easier. For a DIY installation, this type of basin is a little more challenging, but certainly doable. If you do not have a dishwasher or wash dishes in the kitchen basin often, having a tap with a spray nozzle is a great idea. In some taps, the nozzle comes out of the middle tap.

For the Bathroom

Your bathroom basin most likely fits inside your complete vanity, so if you’re redesigning your entire unit, you’ll want to think about your bathroom basin with the vanity in mind. As with kitchen basins, there are quite a few options. You may even want to opt for crystal or clear glass knobs to make your bathroom basin more aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Other Tapware

You may have other taps installed in other parts of the house that need a makeover, or you’d like to add a basin where you’d find it useful, such as in your garage or laundry room. For these types of mixers and taps, industrial or general tapware will work just fine. For a utility sink, you’ll probably want an elongated faucet to pour directly into a larger, bucket sink.