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Basketball Hoop

Have fun, improve your game, and bond with your family and friends with your very own basketball hoop. Also known as a basketball ring, this energizing sport can have you shooting hoops for fun, playing competitive games, or practicing drills in no time. Check out the range of basketball hoops right here on eBay, and youll be scoring baskets like a pro.

What to look for when buying a basketball hoop

There are several types of basketball hoops to choose from, so always consider where you intend to playbasketball. In-ground basketball hoops are best for the competitive pros with a permanently paved area. In this system, the pole is secured into the ground with concrete. Exceptionally stable, this basketball hoop is also extremely difficult to relocate. Portable basketball hoops provide much more flexibility for the home user or family. Portable systems are standalone units with a base on wheels,backboard, pole, and rim. They have good stability and are adjustable in height, which makes them great for young kids. If youre a competitive player, look for a glass backboard, which offers the best rebound. For casual players, an acrylic or polycarb backboard should be good enough. Wall mounted basketball hoops can be attached to a garage or wall. They usually include a backboard, hoop, and net. Theyre perfect for families and the more casual user. Ensure that the wall or roof you intend to fix the board to will hold the weight and dimensions of the basketball hoop system. Typically, basketball rings are mounted at 10 feet high (3 metres). Backboards also come in a range of sizes. For a playing area the size of a two car driveway, 54 to 60 inches will suit. If youd rather replicate professional standards, youll need a 72 inch backboard. Whatever the basketball hoop to suit your space and needs, youre sure to find the right one here on eBay, where theres nothing but net.