Basketball Memorabilia

When it comes to sport, there are many ways to participate and enjoy it. Firstly, there is playing it for fun or as a career. Secondly, you can be a fan and go to the live games, or host viewing parties at your home, never forgetting the wings and beer! Lastly are those that enjoy collecting sporting memorabilia. If you are a fan of basketball and the NBL (National Basketball League) there are lots of great things for you to collect and show your passion.

When it comes to collecting basketball jerseys, there are two types: game jerseys and fan jerseys. The latter are those you will find for sale in sport stores, often emblazoned with players' names on the backs, or they're customisable, waiting for your name to appear there. You can save them, or wear them to games or just out and about. The former is for the big-time collectors. While players usually keep their game jerseys, especially if they are from winning games or tournaments, you can still snag your own bit of history. Wear them to show your pride or frame them to show your passion.

Everyone goes through the phase of hanging posters of their favourite celebrities on their walls. Instead of the usual pictures from magazines or computer print-offs, check out the signed and unsigned basketball posters you can easily find and buy online. Featured players include Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan.

As a kid, collecting cards was something everyone loved to do, but not many continue as they get older, unless it's for sports. Collecting and trading sports cards takes time and patience, but completing a collection is a lot of fun. Coming in packs and boxes, you can focus on collecting cards of your favourite team, or go big and try to collect them all. Online and in-person trading events are a great way to meet with other fans and collectors, as well as make some good deals.

Other Memorabilia
There are lots of other basketball memorabilia you can collect. Signed basketballs are great for display, as well as hats, replica trophies and figurines.